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Parent’s Testimonials

Parent's Testimonials

Review on online classes – From
Parents of Vaishnavi Parthasarathy, Class I A


A – R26 Vels Vidyashram Pallavaram <[email protected]

When all the parents were worried about their children’s education during this pandemic situation, Vels vidyashram, Pallavaram, has really made online classes a success through their consistent efforts, abiding the rules of the government. Right from installing the app, the parents were constantly guided by the respective class teachers through videos and whatsapp messages. All the teachers are so patient and polite while responding to students as well as parents. A special mention about the importance given to the extra curricular activities along with academics. The arts which could be taught through online classes are included in the timetable and those teachers teach sincerely and handle the kids very well. The lessons taught every day are being uploaded regularly in the classroom app which is a big plus. The parents are able to be aware of what is taught in the classes everyday through this app. The interesting part for the kids is, not much works are given to be done at home. Mostly the teachers cover all the works to be done by the kids during the class hours itself. This helps reducing the stress on the child. Regular assessments conducted help the teachers to monitor the child’s understanding during online classes. Reports are also sent to the parents through ‘Never skip parent app’. Being a new parent to vels vidyashram I’m extremely satisfied about the way these online classes are carried on. Special thanks to the following teachers:

1. Vasumathy mam- Class teacher, English
2. Padmavathy mam- Maths
3. Vimala mam- Tamil
4. Savitha mam- Indian music
5. Sri Padmaja mam, Sheela mam- Yoga
6. Srinivasan sir- Karate
7. David sir- Western music

Kindly continue uploading the lessons taught everyday through classroom app even after opening schools so that the parents will be able to be aware of what’s taught in the class.

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